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About Us

Over 7 years in the industry, and raised by small business owner, our passion and desire is to grow this company one satisfied customer at a time.

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Meet the Team

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Steve Wallace


Married in 2020 to my lovely wife Angela. Moved to Kansas City from Springfield Missouri in 2016. I'm a  fan of all sorts of science fiction movies, the crazier the better. I am hoping to meet a Predator in real life one day!

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Newt and Connor

Our crazy dogs

These crazy dogs rule the house when I get home. They probably rule the house when I'm away, I just don't know. Newt is our little Yorkie, to say she is spoiled is an understatement. Connor is the funniest dog ever, a mix of a pug and a chihuahua.
If you've read this far then feel free to ask me why the dogs have the names that they do! 

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